Nicole Hands

Director of Marketing

At a high level, Nicole directs overall marketing strategy and brand positioning. However, day-to-day she’s primarily focused on ensuring the materials and information Blueprint Financial Advisors provides to clients is useful, easy to understand, and continually demonstrates the firm’s value, integrity, and trustworthiness.

She worked for five years in in writing, communications, and project management roles before beginning her financial services career in 2012.

Within financial services, Nicole has led marketing efforts for two boutique asset managers, a strategic marketing and communications agency, and a fintech media and intelligence company.

She earned a bachelor’s from Ripon College, a small liberal arts school in Ripon, WI.

Nicole Hands, Blueprint Financial Advisors Director of Marketing

Goal Setter, Goal Achiever

Nicole is rarely comfortable settling for status quo, deliberately setting goals for continuous improvement. This approach is evident in her professional life, as well as in how she seeks opportunities to challenge herself outside of the office.

For example, in 2015 she pushed her running shoes to the back of the closet and decided to learn the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Since then, she has participated in several local and national weightlifting competitions.

She and her husband Zak, also aim to take at least one hiking or backpacking trip each year. Their treks in Olympic National Park in Washington and Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska are highlights thus far.

She’s a Midwesterner at heart, having grown up in Wisconsin, but she grew to love the Carolinas during her husband’s Army career in North Carolina. She enjoys living in the greater New York City metro area currently, but hopes to return to a lower latitude in the future.

Nicole Hands in Alaska