Ken Peters, CAIA

Portfolio Manger

Helping investors and advisors access information and insights about their portfolios and businesses has been the focus of Ken’s entire career.

As Portfolio Manager, he directly supports the implementation and review stages of the Blueprint Financial Advisors process for serving our clients by:

  • Optimizing client portfolios to ensure they are in line with each custom financial plan
  • Providing robust data and insights that allows each client to understand how they’re progressing toward their desired financial future

Ken’s path to Blueprint Financial Advisors began at Charles Schwab, where he helped more than 20 RIA firms with their portfolio management software. One of those firms hired him to manage their back office full time, and during this time, Ken began to study investing.

For six years, he worked at Stearns Financial Group, a $1 billion RIA firm. He rose through the ranks to eventually join the Investment Committee and become Head Trader.

He also sharpened his ability to unify large groups of data into actionable insights as Market Research Manager at Bell Partners, an apartment real estate investor and manager of more than 50,000 units.

Ken earned a Bachelor in Religious Studies from North Carolina State University and a Master in Religion from Vanderbilt University. He is also a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) charterholder.

Ken Peters, Blueprint Financial Advisors Portfolio Manager

Blueberry Pancake Enthusiast

Ken was born and raised in North Carolina, which he continues to call home. He spent his childhood in Raleigh, which is where he met his wife, and as a couple they chose to raise their children in Greensboro. As a family of five, they enjoy traveling around the state to the many beaches and mountain hideaways.

When they stay closer to home, Ken and his family are often found at the neighborhood pool or on the tennis court. Ken admits to being less skilled at racquet sports than the others, but he enjoys offering himself as target practice for the kids’ amusement.

Ken’s favorite pastime is spending a quiet evening at home with a philosophy or religion book, though moments of stillness are harder to find these days with a home that’s full of the joy, excitement, and endless energy of his children. More recently, when presented with the opportunity for a quiet evening, it’s usually spent playing cribbage with his wife.

Ken also really likes blueberry pancakes.

Ken Peters family